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As always Time Out will be covering the festival in painstaking detail both in the magazine and online, so watch this space to catch exclusive early film reviews, news stories and interviews.

Frost/ Nixon In 1977, David Frost sparred with Richard Nixon in an historic series of four television interviews.

The story of a young Senegalese petty criminal, it is, judging by the clip screened to the press, surreal, richly sumptuous, quite extraordinary. Rachel Getting Married Nuptial preparations have traditionally inspired some terrific movies.

Jonathan Demme's supple, subtle portrait of the tensions surrounding a biracial wedding stars an acclaimed Anne Hathaway. Watch out too for Country Wedding, a humorous Icelandic variant on the genre. Gonzo After two sombre documentaries on Enron and Abu Ghraib (the Oscar-winning Taxi To The Dark Side), Alex Gibney buys a ticket and takes a very different ride, with the weird and wondrous Hunter S Thompson.

The Cinema Europa strand collects the best movies from across the continent, this year including films as diverse as intimate Chechen drama ‘Captive’ and dayglo Danish animation ‘Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms’.The festival also returns to the experimental with both features and shorts programmes, and sees the welcome return of classics like Djibril Diop Mambety’s ‘Touki Bouki’, and Westerns like ‘The Last Wagon’ and ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, which celebrates its fortieth anniversary this year.All this, and numerous talks, workshops and outdoor screenings in Trafalgar Square.Vous serez entourés durant votre séjour par une équipe multi-professionnelle qui mettra à disposition ses compétences plurielles, son humanité et son sourire afin de vous préparer au mieux au retour à domicile.Au nom de toutes les équipes, femmes et hommes qui m’entourent dont je connais et salue les compétences et le dévouement, je vous souhaite la bienvenue à la clinique de l’Aurore et vous remercie de cette marque de confiance.

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