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A small percentage (8.2 %) treated all incomes as the private resources of the person receiving the income.The feeling of having the choice to decide on what to do with the total household income, irrespective of who earned that income in the household, was predominantly reported by respondents in Malta (85.9 %), followed by Romania, Greece and Hungary (85.0 %, 81.7 % and 80.0 % respectively).IP addresses are a public resource and should not be bought or sold.It is reasonable, however, for an LIR to charge a fee for administering the address space that they assign to you. They are responsible for the distribution and registration of Internet resources within their local areas.The ARC also retrieves DSS cost data from the AITC as well.Some additional information is received from the Hines Pharmacy Benefits Management and the CCR databases. The LIRs assign IP address space to meet the needs of network operators, including themselves.The hierarchical manner in which the public Internet addresses are distributed permits the aggregation of routing information.

Figure 2: Proportion of population keeping all their personal income separate from the common household budget by poverty status, 2010 (% of specified population) - Source: Eurostat 2010 ad-hoc module Intra-household sharing of resources Table 2: Proportion of population that always (or almost always) have the ability to decide about specific expenses by poverty status, 2010(% of specified population) - Source: Eurostat 2010 ad-hoc module Intra-household sharing of resources In 2010, 70.5 % (see Figure 1) of the Europeans (EU-27) that were living in households with at least two persons aged 16 years old and over, reported to have been treating all household income as common resources in the sense that decisions on what to do with the total incomes are taken commonly and irrespective of who has brought that income in the household.The RIPE NCC has not stipulated a charging schedule. The LIRs must also ensure that policies and procedures are followed.ISP customers should direct any questions to the LIR from which they take service.LIRs must ensure registration information is correct and up to date at all times.This information suports network operations and contributes to a reliable Internet.

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The intra-household allocation processes entail the regime and management of household finances in the European Union (EU).

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