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Nana had made sure that Jill sucked every drop of piss from both the old sheets and the mattress before taking her downstairs for punishment.

Tim couldn't resist giving Jill one more slow cycle through the frigid water of the tank.

Before she could add to her growing list of worries, Tim came through the door bearing their dinner. She had finally finished sucking and licking every drop of Tim's cum from Nana's cunt, and hoped that soon they would give her tongue some rest.

The fact that it meant her daughter had to take on even more customers interested only in seeing how much pain she could take, caused Nana not a moment's guilt.

After all, it was she who had suffered to bring Jill into this world, and it was she who nurtured her child until she could at last reach the point that she could begin to repay her mother for all her past kindnesses.

" He smiled and bowed as he handed the truncheon over to his hot looking mother-in-law. " Tim said with a leer, his eyes taking in the woman's white cotton panties and matching utilitarian bra, both fighting losing struggles to contain her Rubenesque body.

Nana had recently treated herself to a boob job, dipping into Jill's savings to pay for it.

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