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Literature updates and current expert opinion will be included along with current research findings and practice knowledge that informs ethical and legal clinical work.Emphasis will be placed upon prevention of ethical violations.– am Multicultural orientation to child maltreatment; Treating clients fairly; Bias and stereotyping; Current statistics on abuse; Working with culturally diverse families; Respect and sensitivity; Multicultural orientation to child maltreatment (continued); Special problems related to immigrant families; Culture shock, isolation, keeping secrets, definitions; Suggestions for improving competence with interviewing immigrants; Assessing families for maltreatment; Special circumstances; Reasonable suspicion with diverse cultures; Lack of family cooperation; Structured decision making; Structured professional judgment model.– am Suicide Assessment, prevention and treatment (2 hours required for relicensure in certain states) Prevalence and statistics of suicide; Consideration of DSM-5 diagnoses; Risk factors and warning signs; Protective factors; At-risk populations and cultural competence; FOCUS: Teens and adolescents; Discussion of evidence-based techniques; Suicide and mental health issues; Risk and protective factors among diverse populations; Outline ethical and legal considerations; Discuss issues pertinent to suicide survivors.He has held positions on the editorial boards of six scholarly journals and has published a wide range of professional articles.His research interests have focused on developing the Precursors Model of Change.

Therapy interventions for depression will be illustrated.Sex, Desire and Relationships: A Clinically Wise Update Pat Love, Ed DRegardless of your client population, expertise in human sexuality can make you a more competent professional.Whether the subject is STD’s which are on the rise; unplanned pregnancy; the effects of pornography; sexual incompatibility and divorce rates; loss of sexual desire; sexual compulsion and aversion—there is so much to learn and share in the service of helping.Fred has also developed and published many innovative clinical techniques aimed at positive change for aggressive adolescents, addicted clients, suicidal clients, victims of personal and cultural oppression, and criminal personalities.Author of the book, Therapy with Difficult Clients: Using the Precursors Model to Awaken Change.

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