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To which the customers decide they do not want the drinks anymore and they give them back to Cynthia before leaving.Along with Tina and Gabby, who feel very badly since they didn't know this was happening to poor Lugu.Take your pond’s temperature with a pond thermometer; as long as your water is at or above that 50° F mark, keep using Muck Away™ and Pond Clear™.

To find the source of the problems, the three of them follow up the conveyer belt to see Cynthia is behind all of the problems!

Then they try to determine how they could try to find the water before seeing Rudy nearby, tangled up in a hose!

Rudy mentions that it'd be impossible for all of the water to escape due to overflow over the edge.

Alfred, Camille and Milo help Lugu figure out why his lake has been completely drained suddenly.

Alfred and Camille are in the middle of a basketball game while Milo complains Camille is being too loud, interrupting him listening to sounds while testing out a new device.

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It isn't too hard for them to realize this was the source of all the noises they heard.

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