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This will be used at lower temperatures (15-40 C°) from the solar collectors to increase the temperature from the ground (energy well or ground loop).In this way solar heating is being fully utilized and combined optimally with heating from the ground..HYSS meets several requirements to receive public funding from ENOVA.

in public funding from ENOVA: Energy gauge: 10 000 Solar collectors: 10 000 200x14m² = 12 800 Installation of brine/water heat pump: 20 000 Removal of oil tank: 10 000 Sum: 52 800 NOK Please visit ENOVAs webpage for further information.They chose HYSS - Hybrid Solar System from Free Energy.The HYSS installer is your professional advisor and guarantor for a properly sized and installed HYSS facility.As installer in charge of Knattholmen Campsite's HYSS facility praise Find Espen Nergård at VVS RØRLEGGER'N i Tønsberg Free Energys HYSS-system and describes the hybrid system as a modern and progressive system for heating and hot water.Welcome to Chat Norway, the list of Chat Hour members in Norway.

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The combination of solar heat and geothermal energy makes it possible for HYSS to achieve an annual efficiency for heating and hot water (SCOP Combi) between 5 and 7.

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