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Jump to: Britain, Ireland and British and Irish Travelers and Expatriates Russia and Russian Travelers and Expatriates Italy and Spain under Fascism Occupied Europe The Aftermath Mysteries and Thrillers For novels about German civilians during WWII, see the Nazi Germany page.For European civilians, World War II was an ever-present part of their lives.Patricia Falvey, The Linen Queen (2011), historical romance about an Irish mill girl who plans to win a beauty contest and use the prize money to leave her home town, a plan complicated by the Belfast blitz.

Helen Carey, Some Sunny Day (1996), about the people living in a London neighborhood during the Blitz; #2 in the London at War series.London and other European cities suffered terrifying bombing raids.Civilians in Japanese-occupied Singapore and elsewhere were forced into prisoner-of-war camps, while people living near prisoner-of-war camps had mixed feelings, from fear to curiosity and even affection, about the captured foreign soldiers in their midst.Review at The Guardian Natalie Meg Evans, The Milliner's Secret (2015), about a woman who moves from London to Paris to pursue a new career as a dressmaker on the eve of the German occupation.Pamela Evans, On Her Own Two Feet (2014), about a woman who becomes a fitness instructor in WWII London after her husband walks out on her and her baby.

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Ellie Dean, There'll Be Blue Skies (2011), about a sixteen-year-old girl responsible for her younger brother, crippled by polio, who goes with him to live in a boarding house on the coast when they are evacuated; #1 in the Beach View Boarding House series.

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