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While no pictures of the couple together surfaced, Kotick was spotted in the background of a picture Sandberg took with film producer Brian Grazer.The Facebook executive lost her husband, Survey Monkey CEO Dave Goldberg, in May 2015 from heart-related causes. Kotick is the president and CEO of Activision Blizzard, a video game company that publishes blockbuster franchises Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero.' “So I think it’s good for people to see dating-wise.It’s never really been shown on a reality dating show – gay guys dating.” Bobby said: “I had the lowest confidence you could have when it comes to dating.Left to explain it to her audience, she tweeted that it was "bc of my personal life." Several newspapers printed incendiary stories, even after KNCI issued an apology, calling it a "bad decision" and asking Ell and her team to "allow us to reschedule that show."i Heart's KBEB Sacramento pounced on the controversy, amping up promotion of Ell.KNCI has not played her new single, "Waiting on You"; KBEB has played it 35 times, with 20 of those spins coming in the last week.

She shared with us, "I am very careful about pictures that I post, dialogue on social media. I do my best to make sure that I'm not flaunting our relationship..."Despite the scandal, Lindsay is hopeful others will soon be able to separate her personal and professional life just as she has.

Bones also indicated that he and Ell had been told by 13 terrestrial and nonterrestrial programmers that they would not play her music because of the relationship.

Bones claims to have audio recordings and/or notes of those conversations and threatened to divulge more names.

Lindsay Ell is making waves in the country music industry.

In a genre where radio play dictates success for artists on the rise, this Canadian-born singer went where most wouldn't dare by speaking out against a Sacramento radio station that canceled her gig less than 24 hours before she was set to take the stage.

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