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Since she’s been involved with this girl (about four months) she’s developed an attitude I don’t like.She wants to be up all night and sleep until I force her out of bed in the morning to go to school.Her black-and-white snapshot showed the 30-year-old leaning into frame and grinning broadly alongside Katey Sagal, who played her mother, as well as Martin Spanjers and Amy Davdison, who played her younger siblings.The Charmed actress captioned her photo, 'A little #8simplerules reunion party today with a tiny addition �� @kateylous @martinspanjers @amy_davidson #lennoxsawyerlockwood (someone is smiling down on us)!She reluctantly informed me when I caught her out telling lies.My problem isn’t that she wants to be with a girl, although admittedly I was shocked as my daughter has always been interested in boys (or so she says).I copied this list down a long time ago from somewhere, and these rules have served our family well over the years. It comes from the book New Skills for Frazzled Parents: The Instruction Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child, by Daniel G. 67.) What do you think about having a list of family rules? How has having such a list been helpful to you (or not)?

She’s at school, with all that implies, and you are quite right to be worried if her new friend is a bad influence. I’ve told him I don’t want commitment, he says he understands and wants to continue our relationship, but I know he’s hoping I’ll change my mind.

'That 'someone' referred to John Ritter, who played the patriarch of the programme's central Hennessy family.

Sagal portrayed his wife, the family's voice of reason, Cuoco his eldest daughter, the stock ditzy blonde.

My point is that if she were keen on a 17-year-old boy who looked as dreadful, had no job prospects and stayed up all night, leading her into a greater spirit of rebelliousness than is normal in a 15-year-old . He works hard but has frittered away all his money over the years and has nothing to show for it.

I want my money and house to go solely to my children.

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Ritter, an icon in the world of American television for his star turn on Three's Company, died in 2003 from a misdiagnosed thoracic aortic aneurysm.

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